Disclaimer Policy

 The disclaimer policy of midman and the impact of the seller's business
 Every company has a disclaimer policy about which they want to convey a certain type of message. In that case the disclaimer policy is based on the product quality and especially shipment process. The company midman is the biggest business-to-business online platform in India and the process of the development of the website is still ongoing. In that situation the disclaimer over the website is important to avoid any legal step or any issues with the other brands Usually the disclaimer policies are based on the particular type of the bands and company policy regarding that brand. 
The process of the disclaimer policy strategy is based on the company's legal department and the experience of employees connected with the business and has faced some of the evident issues regarding similar topics.
 The disclaimer policy and  the impact over midman
● The disclaimer policy is based on a certain statement that delimits the rights and obligations under the company policy and that will help the company to keep the legal record. The process of the development is based on the company and different business ventures to avoid any legal crisis. 
● The disclaimers come in the most effective way possible and on the other hand, the disclaimer policy may be based on some of the features like the copyright, fair use, and no responsibility disclaimer policy. Midman is based on three of them; the website has a clear declaration about the payment process. 
● This company suggests that the buyers have to use the payment gateway on the other hand the buyers need to go through the details of the products more carefully. The refund process of the products will only be performed if the products are delivered in the damaged way and the process of the refund may take some time. 
● The sellers and buyers relationship will be based on the internal equation and in that case, the company will not follow any of the internal transactions.  The sellers have to present at the time of the packaging so that the sellers and the company midman can use those video clips at the time of proof ( if it's needed).